The Ronvolution Is Over..Onward To New Hampshire…

Thank you Iowa indpendents for selecting Barack Obama and John Mccain. I sense a trend going on here. The ronvolution is over, the independent vote in New Hampshire will go to Obama and Mccain. But the Ronbots are having fun deluding themselves.

The Paulites have been passing around this “positive bulletin” around myspace. Of course it is filled with kool-aid delusions and glaring double standards.

(1) Contrary to what some here believe, we did significantly outperform our polls, just as we had been saying we would do all along.

According to Real Clear Politics, we were polling at 7.3% in the last five polls taken before the caucus (on average) yet, as of writing this, we are at 9.8%,

Significantly outperforming? I don’t think three points is significant. It’s three points. Huckabee must be burning the walls down because he won by over eight points and the polls projected him behind or only up two points at the most.

Look at the double standard here as they brag about “beating” Giuliani.

(3) We destroyed former front-runner Rudy Giuliani—absolutely destroyed him with almost triple his vote total—and don’t be fooled—Rudy didn’t compete here because he couldn’t compete not because he didn’t want to.

(2) Despite the fact that we put very little effort into Iowa until very late in the game and despite the fact that Ron Paul spent less time in Iowa than any other candidate (in a state where in-person campaigning is essential) and despite our shabby treatment by the mainstream media we still were just 3 points out of third place.

Say huh?  Ok, they love touting how they beat Giuliani, and they won’t admit his poor performance came because he didn’t show up in Iowa.  That is not considered a factor at all in explaining why Rudy did so bad.  Yet that is a factor to consider when wondering why Paul did so bad!?

Good news my friends, The Ronvolution is over.  They’ll spin this as a victory even after he admits his defeat.


2 responses to “The Ronvolution Is Over..Onward To New Hampshire…

  1. I don’t dislike Ron Paul as much as I think his supporters are nuts. I love Fred Thompson, but I sure as hell know he’s not coming close to winning this one.

  2. You need to review your logic once again, sir. I don’t want to be the typical hateful Paulite, but it would seem you are in need of some serious education. To better help you understand his logical argument, I will break it down. Ron Paul, who could have done better in Iowa if he had spent more time there since he appeals to a number of the voters there, was hurt by not spending as much time there. Rudy, who does not appeal to the voters in Iowa because of his platform, knew that going to Iowa would not do very much in helping his numbers. In review: Ron Paul- capacity to grow, needed more time; Rudy Giuliani- no capacity to gain support, avoided the state. Where did you get your degree?

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