10% Bragging Rights?

I still don’t understand why Paul supporters are bragging and gushing over Paul’s 10% showing in Iowa.

There were four other candidates who finished ahead of him, three of them are and were in worst financial standing than him and yet they are just bragging about a tenth place finish.  It doesn’t make sense.

If Paul can brag and gush about his 10% then can’t Thompson and Mccain brag and gush about their 13%? I think it was 13%.  Either way it was more than Paul got.

They brag and gush about beating Rudy.  But so did four others.

They brag and gush about winning Jefferson County.  So what!

They can talk all they want about how Paul is this under dog candidate, but he’s had tons of media exposure, raised 20 million and claims to have tons of supporters and they claim they’re in a revolution.

If they can claim victory and brag over their 10% and 1 county win, then it follows the other candidates can brag and gush too.  Right?


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