Paul Supporters Make Paul Look Like A Third Rail Candidate

Paul supporters don’t come right out and say he’s a third rail candidate, but their actions and talk seem to indicate such a view.

They are bragging on and on about his 10% in Iowa and his fifth place finish and his winning in Jefferson County.  This is the mantra that to them proves Ron Paul is a winner.  It’s fine if they brag about such things, but what are the implications of bragging about these kinds of numbers?

If you brag about weak numbers like this, you are admitting two things.  Either Paul is a third rail candidate who did well and exceeded expectations or he is a top tier candidate who did poorly.

There are only two options here my friends. Ron Paul is either a third rail candidate who did well, or he is a top tier candidate who sucked.  The only kind of candidate who can brag about finishing fifth at 10% is a third rail candidate.  I agree, for a third rail candidate that is a good turn out.  But at the end of the day he’s still a third rail candidate if that is all you’re left to brag about.

If your argument is that Paul is a top tier candidate, then you better not be talking about the greatness of a fifth place finish at 10%.  Because those are not numbers a top tier candidate goes around talking about to show how good they are.  Especially if they have raised $20 million and have more yard signs than there are corn stalks in Iowa.

So my question to Paul supporters is this.  Is he a third rail candidate who did good or a top tier candidate who did poorly?  You can’t have it both ways.


3 responses to “Paul Supporters Make Paul Look Like A Third Rail Candidate

  1. I think he is a top tier candidate that has been blacklisted by the media establishment.So, you are right. It can’t go both ways, but it can go the way that I’ve just described above. Every time you turn on the tv somebody is telling his point blank” You’re not gonna win” “That’s not gonna happen”. Well considering the zombie like attatchment that most people have to their tv’s and the almost gospel like adherence to everything that comes out of a news readers mouth, I would say that given the uneven coverage, he did do pretty well. I can prove it. He’s consistently polled better that Fred in New Hampshire and yet he’s not allowed to participate on Sunday because of a lack of “room” in the venue. That guy is twice as big as Paul, so why not get rid of him and invite Paul and Duncan? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. Gee, Mike Huckabee isn’t liked by Fox News either and the media doesn’t think he can win, but he has found a way to the top tier, didn’t he? Just face it, Ron Paul FAILED. He raised almost 20 million dollars last quarter and STILL can’t turn it into voters. Quit making excuses.

  3. Huckabee is liked alot by Fixxed news.

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