More Ron-aid. Drink Up

At the Ron Paul headquarters in Concord this afternoon, 16 volunteers were phonebanking.

“We’re not getting anyone who says ‘I don’t know who Ron Paul is,’ the situation we were in four or five months ago,” said a young volunteer named Chris. “We’re looking to place well, in what they call the top tier.”


One response to “More Ron-aid. Drink Up

  1. Logan Clements is the lunatic who went to Weare, New Hampshire to organize the take-over of Supreme Court Justice Souter’s house (i.e. theft of private property) in retaliation for supporting an eminent domain law.

    He’s a consumate publicity-seeker and even local liberloons were offended by his antics, including having a film crew filming his every move so he could sell it as a documentary.

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