The Revolution is over

I don’t care how they spin it, the revolution is officially over.

For a Libertarian to finish in fifth, as of now, in New Hampshire, well that’s a big indicator.

Him finishing fifth in Libertarian, live free or die, New Hampshire, is like going to an Oakland Raiders home game and only finding five fans in Raiders Jerseys.

If there was a place the revolution could break out, this is it!  But it wasn’t it.

I’m done doing anything with this site.  What has been said about Ron Paul is all that can be said.

It’s proven that him and his followers are officially irrelevant to this political process.

They can gather a loud, large crowd online and on street corners, but they can’t gather enough real life votes to really matter.


2 responses to “The Revolution is over

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m done with it too. If the people of New Hampshire are this stupid, then all hope is lost and I don’t have the willpower to continue either.

  2. The people of New Hampshire are BRILLIANT. They can smell a phoney from a mile away, and this guy is a phoney.

    His liberaltarianism was supposedly PERFECT for all the liberal “independents” in the state, many of whom are actually Democrats who fear labels.

    But even they failed to materialize for L. Ron Paul on primary day. “We Wuz Robbed!” is the call now echoing from the White Mountains, and will reverberate for a few more days, and then the few Paulbots left in the state (because very few live there) will migrate back to their heavily armed bunkers and wait for the next big fad.

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