Another Secret Plan To Win

A Ron Paul follower offered this unique strategy to a for sure FTW!!!  It clearly worked.  I’ll recap and paraphrase it so you don’t have to read all of it.

WARNING: Follow this and it’s a sure win!

You have to admit Paul hasn’t done well. So much in elections is to be expected though.

Paul must do the unexpected.

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, Chapter 11: “To take advantage of the enemy’s lack of preparation, take unexpected routes to attack where the enemy is not prepared.”


The media has forced people to believe Ron Paul isn’t a good candidate. It’s clear no one can think for themselves.


For Ron Paul to win enough votes to give him a majority or large percentage of delegates.


1. Ron Paul has sucked so far. No one will vote for him.


1. Do something unexpected like launch a blimp.  Pray for Dennis Kucinich to get bed sores with Ron Paul’s face on them. Something!!!


1. People like blimps.  People dislike Kucinich.  Yay!



3 responses to “Another Secret Plan To Win

  1. If this is to happen it has to happen before Michigan… The primary is open and Ds really have nothing to vote for since all the delegates are gone. Paul/Kucinich would appeal to all the Ds outside of Hillary supporters since Obama isn’t even on the ballot…

    I like this idea, you’d just have to convince the country that Paul’s limited-govt views would reign supreme over Kucinich’s nanny state ideas…

  2. This is a strategy. If we don’t take action now, we’ll settle for nothing later.

    Both are GREAT candidates. Every other candidate has no integrity. What patriots!

  3. In some Caucus states like Colorado, Kucinich supporters had to register as Democrats in order to vote for DK in Caucus. Thus we are not eligible to vote in Republican caucus. Independents aren’t either.

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