CPAC Poll A Bellwether Of Where Right Is At

Read this quote from a Paultard’s blog entry. When you’re done laughing, come back and read the rest.

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which has been going on for many years, is a bellwether of where the action is on the right side of the political spectrum –

Ok, you back?  Got yourself under control? So bringing in thousands of supporters to rig a poll, now gives us clear indicators of where the Conservative right is at?  Really?

Get ready for more laughs. Ok, this writer celebrates the importance of winning this poll, as he points to the fact that Romney has won it three times in a row.

The winner of the previous three CPAC polls, Mitt Romney, was accorded such status early on in part because of his CPAC victories, but this time he was left in the dust by congressman Ron Paul.

Hey Paultardo.  Do a lil reasoning here.  Romney won three in a row.  How many elections did he win?  Zero.  Now if winning this poll three times in a row results in no real life elections, shouldn’t one maybe not give so much important to Paul winning it?  Considering all his support was imported in.  Considering if it wasn’t for your guys swarming the poll Romney would of won again!


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