Ron Paul Appealing To End of Worlders – 911 Truthers – Alex Jonesrs

This is a prime example of Ron Paul stooping down to pander to his 911 truther, Alex Jones, new world order, the end is near base.


7 responses to “Ron Paul Appealing To End of Worlders – 911 Truthers – Alex Jonesrs

  1. Never one time did he ever mention 9-11 the bashing of Ron Paul is absurd. Everything he talked about according to the Constitution is true. You idiots don’t know the Constitution is obvious. You idiots can’t see what is happening to the Economy right now are just plain blind. Everything you see in our Economy has been created by the European Bankers (Federal Reserve) Wake up!! Oh Yea I forgot You can’t fix stupid!

  2. Tiffany against the state

    I don’t get it. When did he mention 9/11 truth or the end of the world? Pretty much everything he said was accurate considering the current social and economic state of the US. The US dollar will fail, and we are currently stepping into an economic depression. Keynesianism is dead. Paul was just describing the wake, NOT the end of the world.

  3. Is the publisher of this blog a “jew”? “Jews” hate Paul because he’ll get rid of the “jews” two biggest cash cows, the Federal Reserve and the Fed’s evil handmaiden, Internal Revenue Service. Dean Berry Ministries: When you get tired of fighting the truth.

  4. He mentioned 9/11 at about 1:55 in.

    Didn’t you notice he pandered to the “end is near” people with his very first paragraph? (perhaps those who did not notice are just too accustomed to such talk)

  5. NadePaulKuciGravMcKi

    The criminals fear Dr Ron for good reason.

  6. Ron,
    you are the DANGER!

  7. man, can’t you see that he is right?

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