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Ron Paul Clubs 6 Seals Loves Bin Laden Long Time

Ron Paul, captain delusional has upped the wager again.  Just when you think he couldn’t get stupider, he does!

Paul clubbed Seal 6 today and said we didn’t need to go in and kill Osama in Pakistan.  He instead says we should have worked with the Pakistanis.

I figured out the political motives for this one.  After all it is campaign season.  See Paul’s base consists of people afraid of blacks and people afraid of black helicopters.

Well who uses black helicopters?  Seal team 6!  Who is black?  Barack Obama.  This was the only politically savvy way Paul could appeal to his base.

Paul had to hold his base close, so he went after the blackest person involved in this mess.  That being Obama.  After all, he is part African.  But it was a close call for Paul.

Hey, Bin Laden has brown skin too.  Pakistanis have brown skin.  But Obama’s skin is the darkest.  So Paul went for the lesser of three evils and decided to side against Obama.

With his black helicopter and black fearing base garnered, Paul can now address more serious issues.  Like if we should have fought the civil war.