Paul’s Gonna Landslide Win Bartenders Votes – Our Latest Tip

Breaking news tip from the Ron Paul campaign.  They’re going to sweep in to office on the backs of bartenders and waitresses.  Yes there is an actual website for this.

From their website…

Here’s the idea! Ron Paul recently authored a bill to eliminate Federal income taxes on ALL tip income. He’s already gaining popularity among bartenders in N.Y. because of it! Read about it here.

The plan is for people to start leaving info about this AND Ron Paul’s message whenever they leave a tip! Think of how easily and efficiently thousands of tip-based earners can be reached. There are over 3 million servers and bartenders in America!

Someone put together this PDF with printable messages!

All YOU need to do to help is:

1. Print the sheets and cut out the messages.
2. Start leaving them whenever you leave a tip. (Please leave a generous tip so they have a positive impression of our message)

It’s that simple!

Please share this with other Ron Paul supporters and encourage them to do the same! If you have a suggestion for the printable messages or would like to submit your own ideas, feel free to contact us here.


If tips was the only issue bartenders ran on, then Paul might have a chance. Unfortunately, for every ONE thing a voter may like about Ron Paul, there are usually 20 things they will dislike about him.  This is the problem Ron Paul faces.

His supporters will cherry pick a stance and wave it in front of the eyes of voters that agree with said stance, but they hide his other stances somewhere behind the bushes.

Tactics like these continue to show the weakness of Ron Paul.  Most voters are NOT single issue voters.  Or if they are, their single issue isn’t the tips they get as a bartender.


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