Ron Paul’s Double Talk On Abortion – Paul In DC To Lecture Not Govern

I’ve made the observation before, that Ron Paul, really doesn’t view his job in Congress as one of governing.  To him his job there is more about waxing philosophical, making ideological speeches and voting no, so he can then write books, give lectures and the like, about his supposed ideology.  Ron Paul isn’t in D.C. to help govern. He’s just there to lecture.

We’ve seen Ron Paul’s double talk on a few things already.  He wrote a bill for term-limits, but then served 11+ terms.  He rants against earmarks but puts them in the bills.  All examples of his waxing philosophical, without really governing.

Here is another example of Ron Paul double talking and waxing philosophical, without actually governing.  He’s giving a little speech on abortion.  He says he has some legislation in Congress about defining when life would begin.  He says it’s been ignored by the pro-life community. But then he turns around and says he wouldn’t support it as president?  HUH???

Around 45 seconds in he talks about this bill he has in Congress, but he wouldn’t promote it as president.

Sounds like more double talk from Ron Paul to me.  Sounds like more from a man who isn’t there to govern, but rather is there to wax philosophical as everyone else does the heavy lifting.


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