Ron Paul Supporters Are Racist Sympahtizers

Ron Paul stands as an enemy to freedom, liberty and the constitution. His rhetoric says freedom and liberty but his practical application of said ideals, would allow for full on oppression of the minorities. Ron Paul is a racist, fascist, liar, scumbag and liberty charlatan. His toolbox is a box of lies and his supporters spread those lies. Ron Paul and his followers would destroy America and ruin liberty and freedom as we know it.

Make no mistake about it, Ron Paul would stand up for the right of a state to lynch a black man, simply because he’s black. In Ron Paul’s book states rights trump human rights. This isn’t hyperbole or exaggerated rhetoric. We’re only one generation removed from a culture that lynched and oppressed black people. If given the power, those policies could and would be legal again in parts of our country and Ron Paul would let it happen. Ron Paul IS dangerous and would destroy our liberties.

Anyone who supports Ron Paul is a racist sympathizer. The evidence that verifies Ron Paul’s racism is overwhelming. The implications of Ron Paul’s ideals have been spelled out. Anyone who supports him is without excuse. If you support this man, you are indeed 100% compliant and supportive of racism and oppression of people. You can’t wiggle or argue your way out of it. You stand hand in hand with the KKK, Stormfront and the pro-slavery people we fought a war against.


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