Ron Paul Is Mitt Romney’s Prison Bitch

Has anyone noticed how Ron Paul doesn’t go after Mitt with as much gusto as he does Santorum, Gingrich, Perry and others? Why is this? Why would Ron Paul put all his gusto in to the guys who aren’t leading, and basically leave Romney alone. Yes he’s gone after Romney a little bit, but not as much as he has the others. Why is this?

It’s because Ron Paul is Mitt Romney’s prison bitch. Yes that’s right. Mitt pulls out his pocket and Ole Ronny hangs on and gleefully follows Mitt around the prison yard.

The Washington Post recently did an article on an alliance between Paul and Romney.

It all makes sense now. Ron Paul, Romney’s prison bitch, raises money so Paul can run negative adds against anyone who comes close to giving Romney a run for his money. Sure Paul gives Romney a little flack too, but that’s just part of the show. Ron Paul wouldn’t ever dare kneecap Romney hard, because he’s someone’s bitch.

I wonder how Paultards like this? All that money you’re sending in is actually going to help Romney defeat Newt, Santorum and Perry. Damn! It just makes sense doesn’t it!

We all wondered why they seem so civil with each other. We all wondered why he spent so much money on negative ads, that attacked everyone with so much fervor. Well everyone but Romney. (Again, yes Paul gave Romney a wee tad bit of flack, but not that much.) It was all because  Ron Paul is Mitt’s prison bitch.

That makes every Paultard a prison bitch of Mitt too, because those idiots spend all their hard work and money, funding commercials that attack everyone but Mitt!


One response to “Ron Paul Is Mitt Romney’s Prison Bitch

  1. indianfortruth

    Great image mate. I agree. LOL

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