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All Kinds Of Awesome


Another Secret Plan To Win

A Ron Paul follower offered this unique strategy to a for sure FTW!!!  It clearly worked.  I’ll recap and paraphrase it so you don’t have to read all of it.

WARNING: Follow this and it’s a sure win!

You have to admit Paul hasn’t done well. So much in elections is to be expected though.

Paul must do the unexpected.

Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, Chapter 11: “To take advantage of the enemy’s lack of preparation, take unexpected routes to attack where the enemy is not prepared.”


The media has forced people to believe Ron Paul isn’t a good candidate. It’s clear no one can think for themselves.


For Ron Paul to win enough votes to give him a majority or large percentage of delegates.


1. Ron Paul has sucked so far. No one will vote for him.


1. Do something unexpected like launch a blimp.  Pray for Dennis Kucinich to get bed sores with Ron Paul’s face on them. Something!!!


1. People like blimps.  People dislike Kucinich.  Yay!


They’re still drinking the kool-aid

Excuses for losing

So we already have some excuses for not losing…

This is the excuse for losing Iowa….

From The Daily Paul…or so I’m told:

To those who haven’t heard, the results reported by CNN on caucus night were ‘Straw Poll’ results.

The straw poll is the first part of the caucus. The Straw Poll portion of the caucus is just that; a poll like any other except this one is still incomplete.

What CNN fails to mention is that what REALLY counts in getting the Iowa nomination is the what happens in second part of the Iowa caucus. This is when DELEGATES are SELECTED. Having a good number of Delegates is what will get a Dr Paul nominated.

According to Ron Paul supporters in Iowa there were roughly 80% people that went home before nominating and SELECTING DELEGATES.

In at least one precinct Ron Paul got 50% of the delegates since most of the other non-Paul supporters went home before selecting them. Their supporters were either unaware or too lazy to stick around for the most important part of the caucus.

This is where we shined, and as usual, we were more educated, more motivated and knew what really counted. The number of delegates aren’t tracked, therefore cannot be reported. We may have gotten 50% of the total delegates for Iowa. This may be optimistic but there is no way to know until the final delegates are selected at the state convention.

What this means is the numbers reported by CNN, the numbers that say Huckabee is 1st and Romney is 2nd etc (poll numbers), have nothing to do with who will get nominated in Iowa and we don’t yet have access to the numbers that count (delegates). Iowa is far from over and the Republican nominee is only selected after 3 more conventions.

Take a look at this sticky at Ron Paul Forums:

It is likely that Ron Paul did get 3rd or better. Who controls the (dis)information? CNN has no idea where anyone placed in the numbers that count yet they report on numbers that benefit their corporate master’s choices based on an incomplete poll. They barely mentioned his name caucus night and then there was their conspicuous missing piece in their Pie-chart.

This is just more BS mindgames directed at us (psy-ops) by old media. It is sabotage meant to demotivate us, frustrate us into quitting and suppress any posibble new supportes from discovering the only real Republican candidate.

CNN is as bad or worse than Fox with their tactics. They are only slightly more covert in their undermining but equally as transparent.

Do you think CNN’s corporate masters are going to allow them to provide us with feedback of our growing successful revolution? Would they sabotage Ron Paul if he is losing or has no chance?

These are the same old tactics by old media and if we continue the battle we will win.

Long Live the Revolution!


This is the excuse for losing wyoming….

Wyoming Party Hacks Reject Ron Paul

Wyoming GOP county conventions gave their delegates to Romney, Thompson, McCain, and Hunter. But Ron Paul never stood a chance there.

We shouldn’t have expected anything from Wyoming. Most observers didn’t understand the rules.

The Wyoming county conventions were NOT open to Republican voters. Eligible delegates consisted of only two groups: Republican party officials who were elected in 2006; and delegates who were appointed (by established precinct organizations) to fill empty delegate seats. The rules are explained here.

Each county convention elected either one delegate or one alternate. They were assigned one or the other by the state party based on past vote totals for GOP candidates in their county.

Each county convention was presented with delegate candidates, who were either pledged to a Presidential candidate or unpledged. The winner in each county had to get over 50%, so runoffs were held.

In most cases, the winning delegate candidates were county party leaders who were chosen because of who they were, rather than who they are supporting for President.

Wyoming’s system is a throwback to the old days of backroom nominations. There was little chance for new party activists to participate in this process, only old-timers made the choice.————————————

I can’t wait until the excuses for losing New Hampshire come in.