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Ron Paul Is A Sly Dog, Slippery Politician

At first glance, Ron Paul comes off as this idealist guy, up there just talking from his heart about what he thinks is right. He may appear misguided to some. Some may disagree with him, yet perceive he is a good politician, unlike those sleaze bag candidates he is running against. This perception is the furthest from the truth.

Ron Paul is also a sleaze bag politician. He may even be worse than some of the others.

Let’s start with his earmark spending.

He leads his district in earmarks.

Now this is where it gets interesting. This is where he turns into a sly dog, slippery politician. In one breath he argues doggedly for putting them in the bill. He talks with great passion about why they should be included. LINK

Look at the passion and logic he uses for including these earmarks in the bills. You’d think a man with a passion to put the stuff in the bill, the endless justifications to put it in, you’d think he would vote yes! But instead he votes no.

Does this seem like the actions of someone who isn’t a sly dog, slippery politician? If you’re for something, then you vote for it. If you’re against something, then you vote no. Paul is trying to say yes and no at the same time.

Most politicians get raked over the coals for changing their opinions over time. Paul is worse! He is politically schizophrenic and tries to have two opposing opinions at the same time. He’s not voting for something after he votes against it. He’s voting yes while voting no! But it doesn’t end here.

This guy can’t decide if he’s a Republican, Libertarian or an Independent. His first five terms in Congress were as a Republican. Then in 1988 he had a chance to run for president as a Libertarian. So he sends a letter of resignation to the GOP and runs for president as a Libertarian. A few years later he decides to run for Congress and what does he run as? A Republican of course. In 08 he’s running for president as a Republican, but he won’t rule out a run on a different party. LINK This reeks of political opportunism to me. He’s even admitted he’s running as a Republican this time because it’s more politically expedient. Easier to get on ballots and be seen in debates.

To top it off, Paul proposed term-limits, but then served ten terms in Congress. He has fun explaining this one. LINK

Ron Paul is indeed a sly dog, slippery politician. He tries to vote yes and no at the same time, chooses party affiliation based on what works best for him and he is both for and against term-limits.

Why does all this matter? Because much of his following comes because he comes off as a non-politician. He’s got that whole Mr. Smith goes to Washington mojo thing going for him. Ron Paul is anything but a Mr. Smith. He’s more like “Mr. Average Politician”. He’s not Doctor No. He’s Doctor Yes\No\Maybe and totally politically-schizophrenic. Can such a man be trusted?