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Azimuth Polls Owner Linked To Pro-Ron Paul Group – Ron Paul’s Azimuth Poll Win

Kudos to for finding the link between Azimuth Polling and a Ron Paul supporter.  I posted on this earlier, but TheRightSphere found the connection.  Check it out.


Ron Paul’s History Of Straw Poll Wins And High Finishes

The Paulistas are salivating over some recent wins and high finishes in recent straw polls.  They’re taking these results as sure signs the revolution has been spammed and online harassed in to existence.  The media  is even feeding their hysteria, by thinking these wins actually mean something.

He lost to Romney by one vote in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s straw poll.  It should be noted that Romney didn’t even show up.

Then of course we all remember his epic win at the 2010 CPAC straw poll here.

So are these wins any indicator of where the Conservative electorate is going to vote, or did the Paulistas find a way to bus in more supporters to just give us the illusion the masses will flock to him in 2012?

I propose that based on past straw poll results, this is once again the Paulistas flooding a poll to create an illusion that Paul has a massive ground swell of support, he indeed doesn’t have.

In this Foxnews text in poll for the South Carolina debate in 07, Paul finished second to Romney.  A sure sign of his popularity to come?  Let’s just say he didn’t even win one primary, even after a blimp and all those millions raised.

Ron Paul won this January 11th, 2008, Foxnews text in poll for a debate. He won it big time.  Did this end up reflecting in reality?  Nope!

Just for giggles, this article rips on Fox for saying his followers skewed the Fox text poll, acting as if the poll represented reality.

Ron Paul won this Nevada straw poll in October of 2007.  Did that indicate anything other than the fact his followers could swarm a poll?

Ron Paul won this November 2007 straw poll in New York.  Reflective of voter reality or reflective of his followers ability to swarm a poll to create the false illusion there is a ground swell of support?  I report, you decide.

Ron Paul won this 2007 straw poll in Virginia.  Are we seeing a pattern here?

October 13th, 2007, Ron Paul wins Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll.  Do I need to keep asking the same redundant question?

One more, in August 2007, they swarmed this poll in Alabama for the win.

Listen folks, in the 08 campaign the Paul campaign was built on creating the illusion of a groundswell, that obviously didn’t translate in to reality. They swarmed text polls, online polls and real life straw polls, sent in million dollar money bombs and even got a blimp. When it was all said and done, it was seen for the smoke and mirrors show, most of us sane people knew it was.

His recent straw poll wins are just a rehashing of what happened in 2008.  Case closed.

Newsweek Says GOP Has Ron Paul Problem

I laughed at this piece in Newsweek on the GOP having a Ron Paul problem. They argued that his win at CPAC is a sign the GOP needs a calm, rational, grownup candidate in 2012.  So they need to throw out the likes of Huckabee and Palin.

Let’s recap.  In 2007 and 08, Paul supporters flooded online polls and real life straw polls and had him winning.  Now were these wins indicative of results in real elections?  Umm, did Paul win a primary?  Is Paul the president?  No and no!

Listen, all this 2010 CPAC win shows is that the Paultards once again know how to flood a poll and create the illusion that he’s a contender.  If anything this poll shows that Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Pawlenty supporters need to learn how to bus in supporters by the thousands so their candidate can win a poll that matters little in real life results.

Paultard Claims Won First 2012 Primary

Their intelligence has flown the hen house two years early. Paultard claims he’s won first primary!!

In the straw poll, Paul easily whipped second-place finisher Mitt Romney — the former PE chief and liberal Massachusetts governor, who’s trying to ride Scott Brown’s coattails to a second chance at his party’s Presidential nomination.

It’s pretty easy to whip someone when you skew the results by busing in tons of people to swarm a poll.

Paul’s 2010 CPAC Poll Sham Win – His Continuing Illusions

I haven’t updated this blog in a LONG time, but I see Paultard is back at it, as are his internet gestapos and real life gestapos.  I’ll give a brief history lesson in Ron Paul poll winning in case you forgot.

In 2007-08, Ron Paul and his followers won many polls. They won online straw polls. They won real life straw polls. If there was a poll, they found a way to win it!

This poll winning was an organized attempt to create the illusion that Ron Paul was a true contender.  And really, this was the tactic of his followers. They did EVERYTHING possible to create the illusion that Ron Paul was a front runner.

When ever there was a live tv camera shoot in New Hampshire, they’d swarm to the camera and chant Ron Paul.  Making it look like a HUGE throng of people was ready to catapult him to victory.  Of course he never won a real life primary.

They had online fundraisers know as ‘money bombs’ where people would swarm and donate thousands and even a million in one day.  Once again, creating the illusion that he had TONS of followers. He’d get TV coverage and then he’d go on to lose another primary!

Another tactic his followers used was to swarm online polls and real life straw polls.  They’d out number everyone, get Paul the win, then brag on youtube, message boards and blogs that Ron Paul was the true winner and future president!  Once again, it was about creating an illusion.

The sad thing about illusions, is that they are well, illusions!

Ron Paul won the 2010 CPAC strawpoll.  His followers once again are trying to create an illusion.  As is stated in this nice piece by The Guardian.

This year, with Campaign for Liberty and related organisations that grew out of his bid for the Republican nomination in 2008, Paul flew in volunteers by the jumbojetload.

Go Tell It On The Mountain – Ron Paul Is President Of CPAC

Go tellz it on the mountainz.  Tellz it evry wear!!! Ran Pull is president of CPAC!!!!

Lol@ pass it around like a Hot Potato.

Ron Paul President In Roaring Folk Valley Unscientific Poll