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Pathetic Ron Paul Supporter Fakes His Support Of Reagan And Right To Shill For Paul

How pathetic.




A Hymn The Paulbot Cult Would Sing Together

A Paulbot hymn they’d sing. Adapted from a real hymn.

I serve a racist savior,
he’s in the world today..
I know that he is racist because of what his newsletters say.
I see his desire for lynchings.
I hear the heils of cheer.
At just the time i miss him
a youtube spam is near….
He’d lynch..he’d lynch..
ron paul he’d lynch today..
he spams oh he spams me…
along the nets broad highway..
he’d lynch he’d lynch..
racism to impart…
You ask me how I know he’d lynch…
his newsletters said the part…

All Kinds Of Awesome

Azimuth Polls Owner Linked To Pro-Ron Paul Group – Ron Paul’s Azimuth Poll Win

Kudos to for finding the link between Azimuth Polling and a Ron Paul supporter.  I posted on this earlier, but TheRightSphere found the connection.  Check it out.

Non-Sheeple Protesting Chanting Marching ‘Together’

His followers call everyone ‘sheeple’ for supposedly following the crowd and not thinking for one’s self.  Below is a video of them clearly not being sheeple as they march, protest, chant and campaign ‘together’.

Another One. I Love The Guy Making These Videos

Paulbot Puts On White Makeup Beard And Imitates Bernanke

It just doesn’t get any better does it……..