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Azimuth Polls Owner Linked To Pro-Ron Paul Group – Ron Paul’s Azimuth Poll Win

Kudos to for finding the link between Azimuth Polling and a Ron Paul supporter.  I posted on this earlier, but TheRightSphere found the connection.  Check it out.


Another One. I Love The Guy Making These Videos

VIDEO: Smoking Man Says Bilderbergs Would Control Paul If Elected President

I gotta say, I was expecting something different.  At only 62 views, this guy already had two pages of comments from the Paulbots.

Paulbot Goes Sideways And Sings For Ron Paul

Banking cartels and typical Paulbot buzz words.  Then calls for everyone in the truth movement to be at his little concert. Yes THAT truth. Alex Jones.  911 Truth.

The Truth About Ron Paul’s Texas Poll Win Conducted By Azimuth Research Group

So the Paulistas are gloating over the latest poll win by Ron Paul.  This time he apparently won a phone poll in the state of Texas.  Let’s do a breakdown and find the truth here.  I’ll post my summary first, then the details and evidence.


Azimuth Research group did a poll of 882 high active GOP voters in Texas.  They report Ron Paul won the poll with 22%. The major problem is that Azimuth Research group is an unestablished, non-credible research organization who’s earliest ‘research’ goes back to April of 2011.  Actually it’s questionable if it goes back even that far.  That data looks to be manufactured to lend credibility to their group and probably to the supposed poll Ron Paul won.

Ron Paul still hasn’t won an actual presidential primary.  Ron Paul still hasn’t won a presidential poll conducted by an established and credible polling organization.  Ron Paul can only win in straw polls, online polls and call in polls.  Ron Paul has yet to penetrate anything in reality.  Ironic considering he’s a vagina doctor.

Details are below.


First you’re most likely to see a link to this page from the Paulistas. .  It’s dated July 06, 2011.  Keep this in mind, because it’s VERY IMPORTANT. Here’s a picture.  You’ll see why in a second here.

It reports that Azimuth Research Group did a poll of 882 highly active Texas GOP voters, and Ron Paul won the poll with 22%.

Second, who is the Azimuth Research Group?
They appear to be a very, very new ‘research group.  Their website is basically a blog, who’s monthly archives go back to April 2011. Check out the screen shot.

Their first post on their site is from, April 27th, 2011 and it’s about legalizing gambling in Texas.  You can see the link here.

Here’s a screen shot of the post.  It will fit in nicely with point three.  Stick with me here.

Third, now this is where it gets interesting.  Look at the URL’s for the given posts above.  Notice that the URL for the post said to have been made April 27th, ends with p=28, yet the one for July 6th, ends in p=11.  It’s right up there in the screenshots and links.  But why is this important?  Stick with me.

Fourth, their polling site is a blog, powered by a blog script called WordPress. It’s a very popular platform for blogs.  Here’s a screenshot verifying that they run on WordPress.

So here is why all this stuff is so important.  Remember the URL endings from above?  The April 27th entry ended in p=28 and the July 6th one declaring his poll win ended in p=11.  Wordpress post URLs, are made based on the order in which a post was made.  So a post truly made on April 27th, shouldn’t be a number larger than 11! The number 28 indicates that post was made after the July 6th post.

So why is this important?  Well it appears someone is trying to make that research group look legit.  It looks like they wanted to make it look like there was a history of research and polls from the group.  So they made a post and dated it April 27th.  Luckily WordPress is smart enough to see the deceit and shows us the post was actually made AFTER their July 6th post, declaring Ron Paul the winner of a real Texas poll.

Finally, let me wrap this thing up here by showing further the newness of this ‘research group’.

They actually have a Facebook page!

Their Facebook page had their first post, June 30th, 2011!

In conclusion, Ron Paul won a poll conducted by a deceitful and new polling organization.  Ron Paul still only wins straw polls, online polls and now deceitful polls conducted by new start up ‘research’ organizations.

Ron Paul still hasn’t won an actual presidential primary.  Ron Paul still hasn’t won a presidential poll conducted by an established and credible polling organization.

It’s no wonder his supporters are always appealing to things that are fake.  Their guy can only win in the realm of the fake, imaginary and fictional.  He has yet to penetrate that thing called reality.  Ironic considering he’s a vagina doctor.

The Cream Of Ron Paul’s Crop

First guy is making a video from his van!  Next guy needs to get his glasses adjusted.  Meet Ron Paul’s base.

Ron Paul’s History Of Straw Poll Wins And High Finishes

The Paulistas are salivating over some recent wins and high finishes in recent straw polls.  They’re taking these results as sure signs the revolution has been spammed and online harassed in to existence.  The media  is even feeding their hysteria, by thinking these wins actually mean something.

He lost to Romney by one vote in the Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s straw poll.  It should be noted that Romney didn’t even show up.

Then of course we all remember his epic win at the 2010 CPAC straw poll here.

So are these wins any indicator of where the Conservative electorate is going to vote, or did the Paulistas find a way to bus in more supporters to just give us the illusion the masses will flock to him in 2012?

I propose that based on past straw poll results, this is once again the Paulistas flooding a poll to create an illusion that Paul has a massive ground swell of support, he indeed doesn’t have.

In this Foxnews text in poll for the South Carolina debate in 07, Paul finished second to Romney.  A sure sign of his popularity to come?  Let’s just say he didn’t even win one primary, even after a blimp and all those millions raised.

Ron Paul won this January 11th, 2008, Foxnews text in poll for a debate. He won it big time.  Did this end up reflecting in reality?  Nope!

Just for giggles, this article rips on Fox for saying his followers skewed the Fox text poll, acting as if the poll represented reality.

Ron Paul won this Nevada straw poll in October of 2007.  Did that indicate anything other than the fact his followers could swarm a poll?

Ron Paul won this November 2007 straw poll in New York.  Reflective of voter reality or reflective of his followers ability to swarm a poll to create the false illusion there is a ground swell of support?  I report, you decide.

Ron Paul won this 2007 straw poll in Virginia.  Are we seeing a pattern here?

October 13th, 2007, Ron Paul wins Conservative Leadership Conference straw poll.  Do I need to keep asking the same redundant question?

One more, in August 2007, they swarmed this poll in Alabama for the win.

Listen folks, in the 08 campaign the Paul campaign was built on creating the illusion of a groundswell, that obviously didn’t translate in to reality. They swarmed text polls, online polls and real life straw polls, sent in million dollar money bombs and even got a blimp. When it was all said and done, it was seen for the smoke and mirrors show, most of us sane people knew it was.

His recent straw poll wins are just a rehashing of what happened in 2008.  Case closed.