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Ron Paul Is Mitt Romney’s Prison Bitch

Has anyone noticed how Ron Paul doesn’t go after Mitt with as much gusto as he does Santorum, Gingrich, Perry and others? Why is this? Why would Ron Paul put all his gusto in to the guys who aren’t leading, and basically leave Romney alone. Yes he’s gone after Romney a little bit, but not as much as he has the others. Why is this?

It’s because Ron Paul is Mitt Romney’s prison bitch. Yes that’s right. Mitt pulls out his pocket and Ole Ronny hangs on and gleefully follows Mitt around the prison yard.

The Washington Post recently did an article on an alliance between Paul and Romney.

It all makes sense now. Ron Paul, Romney’s prison bitch, raises money so Paul can run negative adds against anyone who comes close to giving Romney a run for his money. Sure Paul gives Romney a little flack too, but that’s just part of the show. Ron Paul wouldn’t ever dare kneecap Romney hard, because he’s someone’s bitch.

I wonder how Paultards like this? All that money you’re sending in is actually going to help Romney defeat Newt, Santorum and Perry. Damn! It just makes sense doesn’t it!

We all wondered why they seem so civil with each other. We all wondered why he spent so much money on negative ads, that attacked everyone with so much fervor. Well everyone but Romney. (Again, yes Paul gave Romney a wee tad bit of flack, but not that much.) It was all because  Ron Paul is Mitt’s prison bitch.

That makes every Paultard a prison bitch of Mitt too, because those idiots spend all their hard work and money, funding commercials that attack everyone but Mitt!


Paulbots In Denial Must Start Email Campaign Against The Dallas Morning News

After my entry here, where I point to a 1996 Dallas Morning News interview with Ron Paul, where he justifies his racist newsletters – Ron Paul supporters are now saying this interview linked here, is a false and fabricated interview created by The Dallas Morning News. You can click that link in the previous sentence or this link in this sentence and go purchase the actual article from their archives.

Now if this is indeed a fake interview created in 1996, then the Paulbots need to start an email campaign to the DMN to have this fake interview taken out of their archives. I’m freaking serious here Paulbots. Since you’re in deny reality mode, start a campaign to get ‘the fabricated story’ taken out of their archives.

Let’s see how that goes for you.

Some Things Are Undefendable

Ron Paul Supporters Are Racist Sympahtizers

Ron Paul stands as an enemy to freedom, liberty and the constitution. His rhetoric says freedom and liberty but his practical application of said ideals, would allow for full on oppression of the minorities. Ron Paul is a racist, fascist, liar, scumbag and liberty charlatan. His toolbox is a box of lies and his supporters spread those lies. Ron Paul and his followers would destroy America and ruin liberty and freedom as we know it.

Make no mistake about it, Ron Paul would stand up for the right of a state to lynch a black man, simply because he’s black. In Ron Paul’s book states rights trump human rights. This isn’t hyperbole or exaggerated rhetoric. We’re only one generation removed from a culture that lynched and oppressed black people. If given the power, those policies could and would be legal again in parts of our country and Ron Paul would let it happen. Ron Paul IS dangerous and would destroy our liberties.

Anyone who supports Ron Paul is a racist sympathizer. The evidence that verifies Ron Paul’s racism is overwhelming. The implications of Ron Paul’s ideals have been spelled out. Anyone who supports him is without excuse. If you support this man, you are indeed 100% compliant and supportive of racism and oppression of people. You can’t wiggle or argue your way out of it. You stand hand in hand with the KKK, Stormfront and the pro-slavery people we fought a war against.

Ron Paul’s Double Talk On Abortion – Paul In DC To Lecture Not Govern

I’ve made the observation before, that Ron Paul, really doesn’t view his job in Congress as one of governing.  To him his job there is more about waxing philosophical, making ideological speeches and voting no, so he can then write books, give lectures and the like, about his supposed ideology.  Ron Paul isn’t in D.C. to help govern. He’s just there to lecture.

We’ve seen Ron Paul’s double talk on a few things already.  He wrote a bill for term-limits, but then served 11+ terms.  He rants against earmarks but puts them in the bills.  All examples of his waxing philosophical, without really governing.

Here is another example of Ron Paul double talking and waxing philosophical, without actually governing.  He’s giving a little speech on abortion.  He says he has some legislation in Congress about defining when life would begin.  He says it’s been ignored by the pro-life community. But then he turns around and says he wouldn’t support it as president?  HUH???

Around 45 seconds in he talks about this bill he has in Congress, but he wouldn’t promote it as president.

Sounds like more double talk from Ron Paul to me.  Sounds like more from a man who isn’t there to govern, but rather is there to wax philosophical as everyone else does the heavy lifting.

Ron Paul Clubs 6 Seals Loves Bin Laden Long Time

Ron Paul, captain delusional has upped the wager again.  Just when you think he couldn’t get stupider, he does!

Paul clubbed Seal 6 today and said we didn’t need to go in and kill Osama in Pakistan.  He instead says we should have worked with the Pakistanis.

I figured out the political motives for this one.  After all it is campaign season.  See Paul’s base consists of people afraid of blacks and people afraid of black helicopters.

Well who uses black helicopters?  Seal team 6!  Who is black?  Barack Obama.  This was the only politically savvy way Paul could appeal to his base.

Paul had to hold his base close, so he went after the blackest person involved in this mess.  That being Obama.  After all, he is part African.  But it was a close call for Paul.

Hey, Bin Laden has brown skin too.  Pakistanis have brown skin.  But Obama’s skin is the darkest.  So Paul went for the lesser of three evils and decided to side against Obama.

With his black helicopter and black fearing base garnered, Paul can now address more serious issues.  Like if we should have fought the civil war.

Paul Supporters Make Paul Look Like A Third Rail Candidate

Paul supporters don’t come right out and say he’s a third rail candidate, but their actions and talk seem to indicate such a view.

They are bragging on and on about his 10% in Iowa and his fifth place finish and his winning in Jefferson County.  This is the mantra that to them proves Ron Paul is a winner.  It’s fine if they brag about such things, but what are the implications of bragging about these kinds of numbers?

If you brag about weak numbers like this, you are admitting two things.  Either Paul is a third rail candidate who did well and exceeded expectations or he is a top tier candidate who did poorly.

There are only two options here my friends. Ron Paul is either a third rail candidate who did well, or he is a top tier candidate who sucked.  The only kind of candidate who can brag about finishing fifth at 10% is a third rail candidate.  I agree, for a third rail candidate that is a good turn out.  But at the end of the day he’s still a third rail candidate if that is all you’re left to brag about.

If your argument is that Paul is a top tier candidate, then you better not be talking about the greatness of a fifth place finish at 10%.  Because those are not numbers a top tier candidate goes around talking about to show how good they are.  Especially if they have raised $20 million and have more yard signs than there are corn stalks in Iowa.

So my question to Paul supporters is this.  Is he a third rail candidate who did good or a top tier candidate who did poorly?  You can’t have it both ways.