Great Youtube Channel


Interesting Vid – Couple Anti-Paul Youtube Channels.

Youtube channels that are anti-Paul.

Ronny Is A Kitty..

If I handed out free honorary memberships, this guy would get one.

VIDEO: Smoking Man Says Bilderbergs Would Control Paul If Elected President

I gotta say, I was expecting something different.  At only 62 views, this guy already had two pages of comments from the Paulbots.


Paulbot Puts On White Makeup Beard And Imitates Bernanke

It just doesn’t get any better does it……..

Strapless Ronulian Blames Kids Murdering On Mercury, Corn Syrup, Toothpaste And Fluoride

She says kids aren’t killing their parents because of social networking.  After all, she says, she social networks and she’s not killing her parents!  Maybe that’s because in Tennessee it’s against the law to kill your brother?

She then goes on to blame kids murdering parents on mercury and corn syrup in the food. She then pivots to genetic engineering of food! Then the ultimate pivot to fluoride.

She says we gotta research this stuff!