Paulbot Playbook

Here’s a list of things you’re certain to find a Ron Paul supporter doing or saying at some time in your interaction with them.  This will be added to at times.

1. They’ll tell you you’re ‘afraid’ of Ron Paul simply because you disagree with him.

2. If you run a simple blog, webpage or any other simple online content critical of Ron Paul, they’ll accuse you of being funded by the CIA or some corporation.  They’ll say this despite the fact that your content looks very simplistic.

3. They’ll accuse you of being a neo-con.

4. They’ll accuse you of hating liberty, freedom and the constitution, simply because you disagree with Ron Paul’s interpretation of it.

5. They’ll mimic your anti-Paul content, with a pro-Paul, passive aggressive, tone. For example if you have a Ron Paul Exposed Blog, they’ll make a Ron Paul Exposed Blog too. Only they’ll say things like, “See we’re exposing how Ron Paul likes that dumb thing called freedom.”

6. Even though you make it clear to them, that you don’t want to hear what they have to say, they’ll interpret that as a statement saying you want to hear what they have to say.

7. They act like the fate of freedom, liberty and civilization itself, rests in Paul’s placement in an online poll, straw poll, text in poll or the like.  They will literally spend hours, days, weeks, months, years, recruiting people to go vote in said poll.

8. They will report any of your anti-Paul content online, to the owner of said site. For example, if you have a Facebook page with anti-Paul content, they’ll report it as abusive to Facebook.  Yet they’ll maintain following anti-Obama, anti-Boehner, anti-Bachmann, anti-Franks, anti-Pelosi, anti-Bush pages, because there is NOTHING hypocritical about that.

9. Much like 8. They’ll rant about their love of freedom, liberty and speech, but if you even speak against Ron Paul, they’ll do everything in their power to take your anti-Paul speech and expression down.

10. They’ll harass anyone/page/site/blog/community online that is minding its own business, all the while touting how Ron Paul says we need a foreign policy where our nation doesn’t intervene and we mind our own business.

11. They’ll go to online content of their own free will, which is anti-Paul, then they’ll claim the owner of said content is harassing them.  Even though the owner and followers of said content are minding their own business and not encouraging or actually going and bothering Paulbots.

12. They will literally spend hours/days/weeks/months conniving for ways to convince one person who comments in a negative way about Ron Paul, on some blog or news article.

13. They literally have no concept of thinking outside themselves.  They have no ability to comprehend that others simply don’t think like they think.

14. If Paul finishes, say 4th in a poll or actual election at say 9% and he finishes ahead of someone like Gingrich, or Giuliani, they’ll act like this is a sign he actually won! Because he finished ahead of such popular people!  All the while forgetting that three other people finished ahead of Paul, with much bigger poll/election results.  To them 9% and fourth place, trumps 1st place at 40% or 2nd place at 33%. The 9% for Paul is a sign of a groundswell of support. The 40% the winner got means NOTHING! (Numbers given are just for figurative purposes. I think you get my point.)

15. Much like 14.  They will act like a straw poll, text poll, online poll win is the real sign of victory.  They act like raising $4 million in a day certainly shows Ron Paul is the next president.  All the while ignoring actual, real world election results.  You’ll hear them tout all the straw/text/online poll wins and money donations from 2008, but they’ll never mention he didn’t win a single primary.  Hey why mention that, when you have more substantive things like online polls to tout?

16. After not winning a single primary, they will then go on and work for a write in campaign!  Because we all know that if you don’t win a single primary, you will certainly get a majority of people to write your name on the ballot in a general election.

17. They’ll view their banning from an online forum/blog/website/whatever as being on the same level as our founding fathers who literally died as they fought for freedom.

18. They’ll play the insulting advocate.  This is where they look like they’re insulting Ron Paul, but really it’s a passive aggressive, coy, sly statement that advocates for him.

19. They’ll claim you’re scared of Ron Paul, because you’re afraid of the truth.

20. They’ll call you a sheeple, if you don’t follow Ron Paul.  Yet they have no problem getting together in large crowds and chanting Ron Paul together. They have no problem donating money, to the same guy, on the same day, all together.  But yeah, if you don’t follow Ron Paul, then you’re the sheeple.

21. They’ll act like they supported someone else, then give their I came to Ron Paul testimony.

22. They’ll say they never heard of Ron Paul, until they saw you say/post something bad about him. But now that they read about him, due to your hate, now they are going to vote for him.

23.  They’ll rant against the Huffington Post when there are anti-Paul articles, and they’ll call it a false source of information. But they’ll reference the Huffington Post if it backs up claims they love.

24. They’ll appeal to the fact that he delivered 4000 babies.  As if this actually means anything.

25. They conflate Paul’s repeated appeals to the constitution and founding fathers, as actual evidence that he is constitutional and just like our founding fathers.  They’ll act like our founding fathers would ONLY support Ron Paul.

26. They’ll come to a site critical of Ron Paul and act like they are an undecided type voter looking for facts. After looking at the facts, they’ll then act like the facts don’t exist, or they’ll down play the facts as unimportant, even though they scathe other candidates for the same things.  I call this the sincere, undecided, seeker of information tactic.

27. After looking at said facts about Paul, they’ll try turning it on its head and say that the facts actually put Ron Paul in a positive light.  This is actually similar to the tactic above where they mimic said content but use it to advocate for Paul.  They’ll go so far as to say said facts make Paul look good, even when the facts clearly show Paul stands for a environment that would allow for states to have slaves again. If a page had a real photo of Ron Paul raping a baby, the Paulbot would say, “Well that puts Paul in a positive light. It just shows he wants to keep the child protective services busy.”

28. They’ll claim people follow the other candidates because the media puts thoughts in their mind and controls them.  Almost as if people have no ability to make a choice!  Yet if the media had this much power, wouldn’t it follow that the Paulbot making the claim, wouldn’t have the ability to choose Paul in the first place?  Long story short, Paulbots can’t accept that the majority of people outright reject Paul, so they have to blame it on the media and the like.

29. Paulbots love to wear masks.  You may see their avatar showing a Guy Fawkes mask or some kind of a chemical hazardous materials mask.  Some of them even wear the mask in real life.  Their love of the mask shows they love to emulate those founding fathers so much.  Sure the founding fathers actually fought, put their lives on the line and lost blood, but the Paulbot feels like the moral equivalent because they quote those brave men while hiding behind a computer and or a mask. (Oh and Paulbots, before you go calling me a nameless, faceless coward, hiding behind a blog, keep in mind, I’m not making any claims to being the moral equivalent of the founding fathers.  I am a coward behind a blog.  I admit it.  Unlike you!)

30. Shawshank redemption words.  They love to use difficult sounding words, that sound like they may have been used in the movie Shawshank Redemption.  Chances are if you see them using words that sound big, they saw them in a movie.  They might say you’re a Luddite or myopic, or hey, you name it!


12 responses to “Paulbot Playbook

  1. hilarious and so true.

  2. what an absolutely great post!!!! and all the facts you posted simply show that paulbots are valueless and unimportant in real life.

  3. This page is hilarious!

  4. BRILLIANT!! And so sadly true!! I laughed my behind off! LOL

  5. missed one – they will call you a progressive plant because you are trying to distract people from the shining light of truth and constitutionality.

    Considering I have a conservative show and blog – hard to believe – but today I have been accused of intentionally misleading and being dishonest because I said that Ron Paul said no problem with Iranian nukes and when I put up a great cartoon video showing Ron Paul supporter spouting nonsense as a part of an argument – I am now part of an organized progressive group trying to discredit their version of Christ reborn.


  6. This is excellent! : ) And so very, very true!

  7. Tell me about it. Still… nothing brings me so much joy as posting links to Ron Paul videos that blow their appeals to progressives (“Liberals vote Paul for 2012!”) right out of the water. They so hate that.

    I lso happened upon a Ron Paul shill on YouTube who goes by 0407Anon, claiming to be Anonymous/#OWS in support of Ron Paul. We had several bouts in the YouTube ring and I’m pretty sure I am now on the Ron Paul shill’s most wanted list (heh) – not that it prevents me from correcting his propaganda at every opportunity.

  8. ah, have to love the logic of the Ron aPAULstles

  9. A well written and remarkably true list. I have been called a RINO (Republican In Name Only) for refusing to support RP, nevermind I am not a Republican, rather I am the acting secretary of a state wing of a minor political party. Seems that RP supporters can not ever be bothered with facts.

  10. Shut up, Grace. You’re dead.

  11. “Ron Paul shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office, even on a White House tour”
    ~Dick Morris

    Some Republicans are polling in single digits because they are not well known…
    Ron Paul is polling in single digits because he *is* well known.

    ♫ Baa baa bat-shit, voting for Ron Paul!
    Yes sir, yes sir, tinfoil hat and all!
    Islam’s no threat and Iran should have their nukes,
    Free drugs and prostitutes for all the Paulbot kooks!
    Baa baa bat-shit, Ron Paul in 2012!
    Obama’s win is guaranteed, our country straight to hell!♫

    Hat tip: Steve Tfmo Elmore

    Cue the Ron Paul campaign theme song…

    Talking to a Ron Paul Supporter

    Return of the Ron Paul Supporter:

    Exposed: Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Ignorance and Naivety

    The text included in the caption with this photo says it all…

    My cat likes Ron Paul!

    Ron Paul: A Long History of Racism and Anti-Semitism

    Where Ron Paul Meets Barack Obama:


    Ok, let’s lay it on the line… This is why I detest Ron Paul:

    Dear Congressman Paul:
    Your Presidential campaign has drawn the enthusiastic support of an imposing collection of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 “Truthers” and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.

    Respectfully, Michael Medved (no response ever received)

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