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Duh Troof Iz Duh Troof Equalz 11 – Ron Paul On 911 Truth


Paul’s 2010 CPAC Poll Sham Win – His Continuing Illusions

I haven’t updated this blog in a LONG time, but I see Paultard is back at it, as are his internet gestapos and real life gestapos.  I’ll give a brief history lesson in Ron Paul poll winning in case you forgot.

In 2007-08, Ron Paul and his followers won many polls. They won online straw polls. They won real life straw polls. If there was a poll, they found a way to win it!

This poll winning was an organized attempt to create the illusion that Ron Paul was a true contender.  And really, this was the tactic of his followers. They did EVERYTHING possible to create the illusion that Ron Paul was a front runner.

When ever there was a live tv camera shoot in New Hampshire, they’d swarm to the camera and chant Ron Paul.  Making it look like a HUGE throng of people was ready to catapult him to victory.  Of course he never won a real life primary.

They had online fundraisers know as ‘money bombs’ where people would swarm and donate thousands and even a million in one day.  Once again, creating the illusion that he had TONS of followers. He’d get TV coverage and then he’d go on to lose another primary!

Another tactic his followers used was to swarm online polls and real life straw polls.  They’d out number everyone, get Paul the win, then brag on youtube, message boards and blogs that Ron Paul was the true winner and future president!  Once again, it was about creating an illusion.

The sad thing about illusions, is that they are well, illusions!

Ron Paul won the 2010 CPAC strawpoll.  His followers once again are trying to create an illusion.  As is stated in this nice piece by The Guardian.


This year, with Campaign for Liberty and related organisations that grew out of his bid for the Republican nomination in 2008, Paul flew in volunteers by the jumbojetload.